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Tubus Quick Release Rear Rack Mounting System

Tubus Quick Release Rear Rack Mounting System

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If your bicycle doesn’t have lower rack mounting eyelets for mounting a rear rack, then this quick release/QR skewer system will provide the eyelets for you.

An added benefit of using this QR skewer system for mounting your rear rack is that it lets you mount the rack farther back that you might otherwise be able. On a bike with short chainstays, this will provide extra heal clearance for a more enjoyable ride. See the Tubus QR skewer mounting instructions for a detailed breakdown.

Additionally, the QR adapter may enable you to mount a rack on a bicycle with disc brakes.

The QR adapter is compatible with all Tubus rear bike carriers /without/ the Evo mount, such as:

Ships for free in the lower 48.

Compatible with all rear bicycle racks we stock.

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