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Tubus Logo Titanium

Tubus Logo Titanium

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The Logo Titan is for those who want both the flexibility of a Logo (ie. several pannier mounting positions with extra heel clearance) with an extremely lightweight rack. It clocks in at nearly half the weight of the standard Logo rack! The Logo Titan offers unequalled opportunities.

The Logo is similar to the Cargo, but offers more heel clearance and lets you mount your panniers lower. Some features include:

  • A 65 lbs capacity.
  • Featherweight Titanium gives one of the best strength-to-weight ratios. Compatible with both 26" or 700c wheels.
  • Extremely adjustable design. The lower mounting point improves the center of gravity and also optimizes the use of upper loading area. This design also facilitates mounting on smaller frames. Since bags are mounted further back, they permit more heel clearance. The variable attachment system makes an easy installation on nearly all frame geometry combinations.
  • Top rails are 10mm in diameter, so this rack works will all the Ortlieb products we sell.
  • :Mounting instructions for the Tubus Logo rack can be found here": if you want to know more about how the rack attaches.


  • Material: Titanium
  • Weight: 390 g
  • Max. Load: 30 kg
  • Wheelsize: 28"/700c/26"
  • Art No: 80008

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The Logo Ti is compatible with the Busch and Mueller rear light, which is designed specifically to attach to the back of the Logo rack.

Mounting Solutions and Accessories:

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